Peace and Justice

Justice and peace report to the ECC 3rd December 2020


1.There has been significant activity around Christmas giving, through one source and another. It looks unlikely that our three main Christmas charities (HARC, Children’s Society and Action for Children) will be at the same level as in previous years. It may be important to think of alternative fund raising during the course of next year to help to make up for it.

2.On behalf of City of Sanctuary a big thank you to everyone who donated coats and some warm clothes. Between SAPLC and my collection in my own road I must have around 100 which is phenomenal.

3. When you read Nexus you will see details about the No Recourse to Public Funds campaign being organised by Red Letter Christians with support from the Children’s Society and Maternity Alliance among others. This is because asylum seekers, as well as working migrants (many in the NHS) are only entitled to emergency health care and maternity does not count as an emergency. The consequence is that there have been some dramatic cases of deaths among new born infants and mothers. In Sheffield we also have the appalling case of Simba Mujakachi, son of Victor, a well known Zimbabwean asylum seeker and volunteer. Simba suffered a stroke and was presented with a bill of £93,000 to cover the costs of his treatment. During his treatment a piece of his skull was removed and will not be replaced until the £93,000 bill is cleared. I would like to suggest that we support this campaign and we identify as a red letter Christian church

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