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  •  Reopening for worship - an update

    We have some bad news and good news about this. We announced last week that we were intending to open for public worship for our live-streamed Harvest Festival and Climate Service on Sunday 4th October. We are very sorry to have to tell you that this is not going to be possible because of technical issues to do with broadband. The service will therefore be on the internet as for the last 6 months, and members without internet access will continue to receive a service sheet. However, we still plan to have opportunities for worship in church in the very near future, although in a different form

    The church is still open for private prayer from 2.00 - 4.00 pm on Mondays  and 10.00 am - 12.00 noon on Fridays. Please DO NOT VISIT if you are feeling unwell, and click here to see the rules you will need to follow when you visit. Face coverings are compulsory. 

    We have carried out a thorough risk assessment to make sure we do this safely.

     The church garden is open to the public and you are welcome to use it for prayer and meditation, but please observe social distancing and wash your hands after visiting, as the seats are not sanitised.

     Our income has fallen dramatically, but we still need money to carry out our vital work. We have set up an online giving page where you can donate safely and securely to help us keep things running. Click on the button to donate!


    Choose from one of the set amounts or choose your own amount - and if you pay tax, don't forget to complete the Gift Aid declaration to increase the amount we receive by 25%!


    We look forward to welcoming you to our online service for Sunday 20th September, Trinity 15, which will be led by Gareth. 

    You are invited to have a bit of bread and a drop of wine or juice for the Communion, and a candle to light for the prayers.  

    As always, it will become public at 10.30 and continue to be available thereafter.

    The Junior Church activities are available here; you will need some paint that you can apply with your fingers, and some grapes or raisins to share.


    Julia and Zac loved last week's video of the labyrinth being coloured in, and Rachel coloured one herself - isn't it beautiful!


    If you would like to be featured on the website, send your pictures to clareloughridge49@gmail.com (no age limits!)


    Wednesday service

    There is a Zoom service at 11.00 am every Wednesday. The format of the service is readings with pauses, a led meditation, a psalm and prayer, with some music at the beginning and the end. There will be some time for conversation together at the end. Many thanks to Imogen for organising this service.

    Unfortunately you can no longer join the service by phone to listen and speak without being on a computer - this feature has been removed for the time being because of increased demand. One way round this would be for someone to have a phone open on speaker setting so that you could listen in to the service that way. If you would like to do this please contact Janet Loughridge (258 4164). 

    The links to the Zoom meeting will be sent in a separate email message on Tuesday.

    So why not join the Wednesday service as well as the one on Sunday?


    Our previous live-streamed services are still available to view - you can find the links here.

    We have set up a Facebook Group, as well as our regular Facebook Page, to help members of the congregation stay in touch. To join the Group please search for 'SAPLC Facebook Group' on Facebook.

    We also have a WhatsApp Group - if you would like to join this, please send your mobile number to Clare: clare@standrewspsalterlane.org.uk.

    The Church of England has some tips for dealing with loneliness and isolation and 13 daily reflections to support good mental health.

    If you are worried, isolated or just need to chat to someone from the church, our Minister Gareth Jones is available: Tel. 0114 250 8251 or email  garethjones11@googlemail.com 

    If you need practical help at this time, you can contact Sheffield City Council.


  • This Week


  • The Methodist Church has produced 'Worship at Home' sheets for the next few weeks, which can be found here.


    The Church of England has a great deal of information and resources, which can be found here.


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