Music Report

Music Report 21/22



  • In-person services have resumed since July 2021 with creative work-arounds for practical restrictions placed on us by the Coronavirus pandemic, e.g. socially distanced taking of Communion.
  • Live music is used for the hymns as of September 2021 and the congregation is singing again.
  • A reasonably sophisticated live-streaming setup has been created and continually developed allowing almost all services since July 2021 to be live-streamed.
  • The Christingle service 2021 was a huge but successful logistical and creative endeavour involving a live choir and many members of the congregation. It was attended by many members of the local community and was able to be filmed and uploaded online so the outreach potential was high.
  • Members of the congregation are getting involved and becoming more skilled with operating the live-stream set up.



  • Currently no choir rehearsals or choir in the services.
  • Live-streaming set up still currently relies on some of Simon’s personal equipment. This is being gradually addressed and the majority of equipment being used is now SAPL’s but some key bits of equipment still need to be purchased.

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