About our services

All our regular services are currently cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, but we we are livestreaming some services - see the Homepage for further details

Sunday Services

Normal pattern:   10.30 am Service1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays - Holy                                                                                                            Communion

Please note that the bread used at our Sunday 10.30 am service is gluten-free. Both fermented and unfermented communion wines are used.

                                                            4th Sundays - Morning Worship


Monthly services:2nd Sunday - Sunday2 at 9.00 am Starting with breakfast and filled with music, craft and quiet times, this inclusive, welcoming and joyous service is designed for everyone!

                            2nd Sunday - Holy Communion at Southcroft at 6.30 pm

                            4th Sunday - Holy Communion (Common Worship Orders                                                          One and Two) at 9.15 am


Wednesday Services

At the 10.00 am Holy Communion service on Wednesdays, we reflect together on a piece of spiritual writing. This may be from one of the Christian traditions, or sometimes from another tradition of faith. The person leading the service will make copies of the peice of writing to give out to everyone. Come and enjoy an oasis of reflective calm in the middle of a busy week, and join us for tea or coffee afterwards.

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