Eco Church

Your eco-correspondent had the privilege of being eco-minister at our eco-service on April 29th.  We feel it appropriate to have this service annually as our main Act of Worship, and it was a joy to have a good congregation, appreciative of the increasingly necessary call to be good stewards of all that is God’s creation.

Our parish, exceptionally because it is hardly a mile from the centre of one of England’s largest cities, does have a deep environmental awareness.  This has increased particularly over the last few years because of the “Great Trees Issue”.  This is not however a specific cause for our eco-group, but is one that many of us support perhaps through our membership of NENG or by our readership of EDGE or through our keeping up with this now significantly national issue.  Graeme Benson, a member of our congregation, through his video-journalistic expertise is working hard further to raise widely the whole profile of this issue.  

Finally, it is wonderful to hear that Rodney Godber’s enormous efforts to negotiate “green energy” deals from utility suppliers have born fruit.  From now on, our electricity will be taken from non-fossil fuel resources (wind, solar etc.) where possible, and our gas will soon come through an organisation which is able to “offset” the inevitable carbon dioxide emissions.  Both of these come with wider Church recommendations, and are important eco-church considerations.  A minimal increase in our total utility bill is involved (<0.5%) and this is also good news.

On this note, may you all know a warm summer


  Anthony Ashwell


A guide to UK butterflies – Paul Selby will present a slideshow and talk about the UKs 58 butterfly species, how to identify them, and give tips on how and where to see some of the rarer species. Thursday 25th October, 7.30pm at Kenwood Hall (Terrace Room). The cost of entry will be £10 per person, will all funds raised going to the Save Nether Edge Trees general fund.

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